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Smart Grid Solutions and Grid Consultancy


Capitalise on Opportunities in the Energy Market with Smart Grid Solutions

We’re pioneering smart grid solutions and renewable energy behind-the-meter solutions to reduce on-going running costs for clients in the United Kingdom

Smart grid solutions use digital technology to offer greater efficiency and make renewables more accessible.

Renewable energy sources cause problems for traditional power grids. Due to their unreliable and irregular nature, renewables can impact network stability and reliability.

A smart grid solution uses digital remote monitoring systems (DRMS) to monitor and adjust to demand in real-time. When renewable supply is low (on a cloudy day or a day without wind) smart grids can switch to CHP or energy storage. This means the electricity supply is even and reliable.

Apprehensive about the changeover to a new Smart Grid Solution?

At Genovate CoGen our experts can guide you through the process from an initial feasibility study, through installation and commissioning, and with our aftercare maintenance packages, you can take advantage of new opportunities without any headaches. Combining renewables and CHP means we can create carbon-neutral, energy-efficient and self-sufficient, smart grid solutions.  For our customers, this means taking control of their energy supply and switching to a much more secure, environmental and economical power solution.

As a smart grid switches between CHP, renewables and storage, the possibility for savings is increased. Not only will you be saving with your  CHP solution but you will be taking advantage of the low price of renewables.

The UK Smart Grid Forum has shown that the United Kingdom expects to save up to £12 billion from switching to smart grid solutions. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to save.

With greater pressure to operate environmentally and upcoming emissions abatement legislation, switching to a smart grid will mean you can avoid penalties and even benefit from government initiatives that reward businesses with low carbon emissions.

Sell power back to the grid

As well as a 20% reduction in energy bills, you will have the option to sell power back to the National Grid if your supply overtakes your demand.

Our team of experienced and dedicated engineers understand the changing energy market in the United Kingdom  so we can identify when opportunities will arise for you, either to save on on your energy requirements, or to generate new revenue streams.