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Energy and Battery Storage in UK


Get Energy Security Your Way With Battery Energy Storage Solutions

We are firm advocates of lower-carbon, efficient and sustainable energy that can be generated, stored and utilised locally. Our battery energy storage solutions offer you the opportunity to create your own energy security.

Battery energy storage solutions can be used to capture electricity when it is readily available and save it until a time when it is useful to you.

We strive to source our power from renewable sources and can provide fully renewable solutions. In these scenarios, power can captured from renewable sources such as Solar or wind, and be used at night or when there’s no wind.
In the UK, battery storage offers even more application flexibility. By integrating battery storage, UK customers can ensure their business operations are resilient and sustainable.

Key advantages of switching to battery storage for UK Businesses

• Reduce your costs – By charging your battery during low-cost and low-demand periods.

• Go Green – Take advantage of the financial and environmental benefits of switching to renewables whilst protecting your business from brownouts. In the United Kingdom, emissions abatement legislation is becoming increasingly strict. Save yourself the headache of future tariffs by upgrading your equipment now.

• Ensuring uninterrupted power supply – With a battery energy storage solution you can keep a constant energy supply during outages while your backup generation comes online and takes over.

• Protecting your assets – Keep your assets safe with extended power to ensure safe shutdown of all of your important equipment.

Turnkey Solutions Anywhere in the UK and Ireland

Genovate Cogen offers full turnkey solutions for battery storage for the UK market. Our highly skilled engineers will take care of the whole process from initial feasibility studies and analysing the best technologies through to system design and installation.

We are technology agnostic, so we can design and build you the perfect battery storage solution using technology from any brand. Because we’re not tied to one brand, you can be sure you’ll get the best-suited power solution for your requirements from all of the brands available in the United Kingdom.

Service and Maintenance

We have a network of engineers across the whole of the United Kingdom and Ireland who are able to provide scheduled and emergency maintenance services 24/7.

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