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Onsite Power and Energy Generation


Make Your Power Solution Work For You

Reduce energy costs and environmental impact with a bespoke onsite power generation and storage solution from Genovate Cogen.

As the UK is moving away from centralised energy to distributed energy businesses are looking for reliable, secure and economical onsite power generation.

At Genovate Cogen we offer distributed onsite power generation plants so our customers can benefit from energy security in times of peak demand or grid instability.

Custom onsite power generation

We can build a custom onsite power generation CHP source at your site anywhere in the United Kingdom and directly supply up to 100% of your electricity and heating requirements.

We offer solutions for a resilient and sustainable low carbon energy supply, that provides you with budget certainty in an increasingly volatile market.

With an onsite power energy generation system from Genovate Cogen, you can utilise renewable and lower carbon technology solutions such as solar, wind, combined heat and power, smart grids and battery storage.

Fix your costs

With a PPA, you can fix your costs, so your business isn’t vulnerable to the fluctuating energy market.

Secure your supply

Power cuts happen daily and depending on the cause, can sometimes take days or even weeks to be resolved. With an onsite power solution, you can secure your supply and ensure your operations are unaffected by power cuts.

Turnkey solutions

Genovate Cogen offers full turnkey solutions for onsite power energy generation. Our highly skilled engineers will take care of the whole process from initial feasibility studies and analysing the best technologies through to system design and installation.

We are technology agnostic, so we can design and build you the perfect onsite power generation system using technology from any brand. Because we’re not tied to one brand, you can be sure you’ll get the best-suited power solution for your requirements from all of the brands available in the United Kingdom.

Service and Maintenance

We have a network of engineers across the whole of the United Kingdom and Ireland who are able to provide scheduled and emergency maintenance for your onsite power energy generation system.